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Investigator Thomas E. Fischer, Certified Legal Investigator

Milwaukee PD Detective (Retired) WI P.I. License #11713-63

Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

About Us

Thomas E. Fischer is a career detective whose experience includes 30+ years with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

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The largest obstacle to personal safety is you. Many people think "It can't happen to me" or "what's going...

Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

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Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

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Thomas Fischer Investigations
Criminal / Civil / Forensic Investigations
(414) 460-0006

Criminal / Civil / Forensic Investigations

  • Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC


  • Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

    Skip Tracing

  • Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

    Specializing in criminal defense investigations

Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

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(414) 460-0006

Thomas Fischer ​​Investigations LLC

Licensed & Bonded Detective Agency


Octavio "Otto" Delgado

Spanish Speaking Investigator
Investigator, WI P.I. License
WI Firearms Permit #15102

Kara Koceja

Kara Koceja

Investigator/Forensic Technician
WI P.I. License


Dana Kraemer

Dana Kraemer


WI P.I. License


Randolph Olson

Randolph Olson


Surveillance Expert

WI P.I. License #12192-63

The above-listed investigators are subcontractors that work exclusively for TFI LLC.

Our Mission

at Thomas Fischer Investigations LLC is to provide you with professional investigative services.  We take pride in our experienced investigators who will work your case to the fullest extent, and provide you with a thorough report so you or your client can make informed decisions.

We are licensed to conduct a full range of investigations throughout Wisconsin, including criminal/civil, interviews/interrogations, skip tracing investigations, surveillance, and forensic investigations.

We are a bonded detective agency with fully-licensed detectives.

State of Wisconsin Detective Agency #16784-62
Detective License #11713-63

We are experienced retired law enforcement officers with nearly 100 years of combined service. We have the training and experience to deal with your client’s needs or your own. There are many individuals claiming to have the proper credentials to assist you in the defense of your client; we welcome you to review our credentials and make the decision for yourself.

If it is important to you, it is important to us! I will answer your questions and address your concerns day or night.

Thomas E. Fischer, Certified Legal Investigator

Owner/Chief Investigator
Thomas Fischer Investigations LLC

Member, Professional Association of WI Licensed Investigators
Member, National Association of Legal Investigators
Member, National Council of Investigation and Security Services
Member, International Intelligence Network

Contact us at for questions about our services.

International Intelligence Network
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