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Thomas E. Fischer

City of Milwaukee Police Department, Detective (retired)

Thomas E. Fischer is a career detective whose experience includes 30+ years with the Milwaukee Police Department. Extensive professional field experience and expertise includes white collar crime, homicide, and armed robbery investigations. Managerial and administrative proficiencies include labor contract negotiation with the City of Milwaukee and past vice president and chief lobbyist for the Milwaukee Police Association at the City and State levels. Mr. Fischer opened his professional investigative firm in 2010. One of the more unique cases he worked on was published in PI Magazine (November/December 2018 issue, article entitled "Should You Believe Your Client").

2021: Qualified as an expert investigator in a divorce case, John Puchner v. Marya Puchner, Waukesha County Case. No. 2019FA000089.

2020: Nationally accredited as a Certified Legal Defense Investigator through the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. Certification is based on passing the Component Method of Criminal Investigation and Case Management program, proof of successfully investigating at least 25 criminal defense assignments, recommendations from defense council, at least two years experience working as a criminal defense investigator, and successfully passing a written exam.
Qualified as an expert in police procedure, techniques, and investigations in State of Wisconsin v. Ross Bolingbroke, Milwaukee County Case No. 17CT1331.

2017: Nationally accredited as a Certified Legal Investigator through the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI). Certification is based on investigative experience, written and oral examination, an ethics interview, and published work. Currently, this title is held by less than 75 Investigators worldwide.
2016: Qualified as an expert in police procedure, techniques, and investigations in State of Wisconsin v. Robert Smith, Jefferson County Case No. 14CF000310.
2006-2010: Vice President of the Milwaukee Police Association/Chief Lobbyist/Board of Directors City of Milwaukee Pension System
1998-2006: Detective, Robbery, White Collar Crime, and Homicide Units
1991-1998: Detective/Police Officer, Robbery Task Force
1982-1991: Police Officer, Districts 4 and 7 (Milwaukee, WI)

2018: Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office (SPD), Defending Drug Overdose Homicides Cases (8 hour course). Ongoing SPD training on a variety of topics. 
2017 - present: National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) training conference.

2016: Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office, Working as a Team to Investigative Cases:  An Institute For Attorneys and Investigators (one week course)
2011 - present: Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators (PAWLI) annual training conferences
2007: Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, Police Union Leadership   
2006: AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center, Las Vegas, NV, Employment and Labor Law Course

2006: International Union of Police Association, Sarasota, FL, Pension Benefits

1979 - 1983: Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI, Police Science

  • Homicide Unit: Extensive training in homicide, suicide, and suspicious deaths in the City of Milwaukee. Supported the investigation of police officer critical incidents i.e. shootings and in-custody deaths.
  • White Collar Crime Unit: Provided extensive communication and interaction with major financial institutions, various outside local and federal jurisdictions, and a variety of citizens both within and outside the City of Milwaukee.
  • Managed numerous investigations including forgery, issue of worthless checks, identity theft, theft by fraud, employee theft, embezzlement, computer crimes, and financial transaction card crimes.
  • Developed and implemented rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures for the White Collar Crime Unit.
  • Media spokesperson for the White Collar Crimes Unit which included providing several identity theft and forgery seminars and speeches to various civic groups, law enforcement agencies, and the print and television media.
  • Responsible for conducting white collar crime training to all members of the Milwaukee Police Department including in-service and new detective training. Led relationship management at financial institutions including customer accounting.
  • Responsible for identity theft and forgery search warrants while assisting other officers and detectives in obtaining subpoenas, court orders, and preparing white collar crime investigations for prosecution.
  • Armed Robbery Unit: Investigation of bank robberies, business robberies, and street robberies throughout the City of Milwaukee.
  • Investigation of residential and business burglaries throughout the City of Milwaukee.
  • Planned, organized, and managed robbery stakeouts for financial institutions and businesses throughout the City of Milwaukee.
  • Assisted the District Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of homicide, robbery, burglary, and numerous other felony/misdemeanor cases.
  • Recipient of 51 meritorious arrests.
  • Four commendations from the City of Milwaukee Police Department.
  • Two commendations from the FBI.

Randolph Olson

City of Milwaukee Police Department, Police Lieutenant (retired)

Olson has 36 years of experience in the law enforcement field, with 30 spent serving on the Milwaukee Police Department (1981-2011).  During his career at Milwaukee PD, Olson worked uniform and plainclothes as a police officer for 11 years in some of the busier areas of Milwaukee while routinely responding to everything from felonies to misdemeanors.

Following promotion to detective, Olson earned assignment to the Homicide Unit where he worked for 15 years investigating a multitude of high-profile cases. He maintained his reputation for hard work, thorough scene and interview investigation, keen interrogation skills, reliable courtroom testimony, and clearance of cases through teamwork.

As a lieutenant, Olson supervised the late shift Homicide Unit for two years before moving to the Organized Crime Unit, and ultimately a federal drug task force where he supervised a covert surveillance unit.

During his tenure with MPD, he was the recipient of several awards for bravery and meritorious service for action taken, investigations, and arrests.   Past training has included numerous federal, state, and privately-sponsored sessions in the following areas: profiling, cold case and DNA investigation, death investigation, interrogation techniques, crime scene processing, officer related events, surveillance, and weapons training.

In 2011, Olson added to his previous experience and training in surveillance and counter surveillance by completing a course in covert surveillance offered through Trojan Securities International (www.trojansecurities.com).

Menucha Milchtein

Private Investigator

Menucha Milchtein is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces. Serving in the artillery division, Menucha specialized in classified missions throughout her 2.5 years of service. Currently, Menucha continues to serve as a reservist alongside her career at Thomas Fischer Investigations.

Menucha’s investigative work focuses on a broad range of cases. Amongst her growing list of skills, she speaks Hebrew & Russian fluently. She works closely with the Thomas Fischer team to expand her professional expertise.

Learn more about Menucha's info by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Sheila Stevens

Licensed Private Investigator

As a licensed private investigator, Sheila specializes in criminal cases, missing persons, background checks, surveillance, and undercover operations. With a strong attention to detail and a commitment to ethical practices, Sheila delivers reliable and thorough investigative services to her clients. Her dedication ensures that every case is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

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